Port engineering

Port planning

Port development requires a planning consistent with the needs of the economy and regional planning.

INCAT has extensive experience in Port and Strategic Planning, including studies for occupation of port facilities, cargo volume projections, port lay-out and structural design and navigation and maneuvers in the access channels, docks and piers. Some of the most common planning studies carried out are:

  • Demand study
  • Port Capacity and Infrastructure Optimization.
  • Technical feasibility
  • Farm financial models
  • Strategic planning

Cargo and passenger ports

Commercial ports represent a complex system which has the purpose of the transshipment of goods from ships to other land or sea means of transport, seeking to have the lower cost, faster operation and minimal losses due to inefficiencies.

Commercial ports tend increasingly to specialization for developing their activities, separating the docks dedicated to different types of merchandise, such as general cargo, petroleum, non petroleum bulk liquids, bulk solids or passengers,

In INCAT we developed the port engineering and architecture necessary for the maximum efficiency of the terminal.

Fishing harbours

The transformation of the fishing industry requires new infrastructure in the port facilities to accommodate the requirements of vessels and operators.

INCAT projects in fishing ports include all actions necessary for the efficient development of the sector.

  •   New fishing ports
  •   Berthing facilities
  •   Warehouses and storage
  •   Facilities for fish processing and logistics


INCAT has worldwide experience in the design and development of marinas and all kind of facilities related to water sports. This experience allows us to participate in the whole life cycle of the project, from conceptual design to operation.

In the last decade INCAT has developed more than 30 projects of marinas, both in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Sea coasts as in inland waters such as rivers, lakes and reservoirs

Port architecture

Architecture is a very important part of many of our projects. We collaborate with the most prestigious professionals to give our buildings a special character.

  • Port architecture
  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial and services buildings
  • Buildings for trasportation

Urban waterfronts

Over the last two decades the relationship which ports traditionally maintained with the surrounding urban area has rapidly evolved and undergone a considerable transformation. With the increasing commercial activity, both industrial and logistical, the change in the attitude amongst inhabitants of surrounding areas who place increasing importance on environmental standards and finally, legislative changes introduced by central and local government, have lead many ports to seriously revise their relationship with the cities in which they are situated.

INCAT is actively involved in this process, planning projecting many actions of urban integration in ports

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