Coastal planning

In coastal areas, an increasing proportion of the population is living, and important environmental values that should be protected are located. For this reason, the planning of uses, combining extractive, residential, recreational activities with environmental preservation is a strategic priority in many parts of the world.

INCAT is involved in coastal planning, assisting technically to the authorities of coastal management.


In much of the coast has been a strong urbanization process, which has led to a massive use of much of the coastline. It is essential to protect the coastline of the threats it is subjected, as it is an area primarily characterized by its high sensitivity and present a difficult recovery of physical balance.

Protection and conservation of the elements that comprise the maritime zone, including beaches, dunes and coastal wetlands is a priority in the projects of INCAT

Beach restoration

As a result of human pressure, many beaches have suffered significant degradation processes, with both losses of natural habitats as value for tourism.

Beach restoration projects involve the use of modern techniques of numerical modeling of waves and currents, with the aim of achieving a new beach stable against the action of the sea. Sometimes these projects also involve the recovery of dune systems and its original ecosystems

Urban waterfronts

Over the last two decades the relationship which ports traditionally maintained with the surrounding urban area has rapidly evolved and undergone a considerable transformation. With the increasing commercial activity, both industrial and logistical, the change in the attitude amongst inhabitants of surrounding areas who place increasing importance on environmental standards and finally, legislative changes introduced by central and local government, have lead many ports to seriously revise their relationship with the cities in which they are situated.

INCAT is actively involved in this process, planning projecting many actions of urban integration in ports.

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